Panier of Plenty


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Summer Randonnées

Summer days can be very hot, and randonnée group activities halt in July
and August as the social calendar is filled with fêtes. Venturing out early and
finding a perch for a picnic, we can hike up a steep slope from our village
— soon marvelling at the Mediterranean glistening below, and enjoying a fresh
sea breeze after reaching the highest peaks that form part of the view from the
bergerie of Mas Reste.

Click here to view ‘L’éte’ June 25th 2012
Click here to view ‘La Côte Catalane’ June 13th 2012′

View from Col de Llinas

August 2011. Saint-Jean de l’Albère, Dolmen de Na Cristiana, Col de
Llinas, Col de la Branca, Pic Saint Cristau, Chapelle Sant Christau
(Saint Christophe) circuit.

One of the many shelters

View from Chapelle Sant Christau

Plains of Roussillon below

Goats on the peak

Section of the GR 10, Banyuls sur Mer

Le chien, tree sculpted by wind

Sunday 10th June 2012. Randonnée Cérétane. Col de Vallauria, Puig de
Sallfort circuit. High in the mountains above Banyuls sur Mer on the
Côte Vermeille, between the watchtowers of Madeloc and Masanne (réserve
naturelle de la Masanne).

Tower of Madeloc, high above coast

Tower, la Masanne

Looking towards Cerbère and Spain

Windswept peak

Refuge Tomy


Côte Vermeille and tower of Madeloc

The steep descent

Flowers lining the path

Following the chemin d’eau

View to Argelès-sur-Mer


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