Panier of Plenty


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Autumn Randonnées

Autumn brings an abundance of mushrooms, and while hiking means watching
not only where feet fall on the path, but scouring its borders for any signs of an
edible treasure. Leaves crunch underfoot, and often ice crystals glisten all day
in the shade at altitude. Chestnuts abound and squirrels can be seen as the russet
toned landscape is punctuated by the red of rose hips drying on their spindles.

Click here to view ‘Exploring at altitude’ 23rd September 2012

Fontpédrouse, Pyrénées Orientales

View towards Cerdagne

November 2011. Randonnée Céretane. Fontpédrouse, Jassa del Roc,
Torrent de la Sourde, les Cortalets et Saint Thomas les Bains circuit.
Near Mont-Louis, Fontpédrouse is situated in the gorges of the river Têt.

Natural hot springs

Bains sauvage

Pic Redoun

The gorges of the river Têt

Shelter (abri)

Fontpédrouse circuit, view to Cerdagne

The descent, view to hot springs

Saint Thomas les Bains


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