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Day hikes in the Pyrénées Orientales, and across the border in the
Province of Girona, Spain…

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Borne 504, Cerdagne

Winter Randonnées

Winter is a popular time for day hikes and is it easy to travel without the
tourists that tend to be be more numerous in other seasons. The climate and
choice of terrain varies greatly, as within a small radius in this departement
(the Pyrénées-Orientales) we can enjoy the Mediterranean coast – either the
Côte Vermeiile or Costa Brava (crossing into Spain) – or head for the mountains
of Cerdagne; exploring the river valleys or hiking at high altitude with snow
shoes. Binnoculars enable observation as the national parks have many protected
species of birds and animals, and local guidebooks are invaluable for rare flowers
and insects (we have a whole shelf of books dedicated to local flora and fauna).

Maçenet de Cabrenys, Spain

Maçenet de Cabrenys randonnée

Sunday 26th February 2012. Maçenet de Cabrenys, Saint Andreu, La Trilla,
Mare de Deu del Fau. Randonnée Céretane.

View towards Darnius, Spain

The ruins of a mas

First glimpse through the trees

View to the Pyrénées

The horizon, Pyrénées

Ermita d'el Fau, top of mountain

Ermita d'el Fau, altar

Detail, the only wall left intact

Entrance bells, Ermita d'el Fau

Ruins surrounding the hermitage

View on our descent

Walking through the pine forest


Red marble of the region

Red rocks and soil

Windswept slopes

Descending towards the valley

Port Vendres Circuit, Pyrénées Orientales

Rendezvous, Port Vendres parking

Sunday 19th February 2012. Albera Viva Randonnée. Sentier littoral
‘mer and vines’: Port Vendres, Cap Béar, Paulilles, Cosprons,
Fort Dugommier, Fort Saint Elme. Circuit: 20 kms.

Canigou behind Fort Saint Elme

Leaving Port Vendres, coastal track

View towards Paulilles and Banyuls

Phare, Cap Béar

Remnants of the past, military defenses

Following the Mediterranean coast

The bay below Cap Béar lighthouse

View back to Cap Béar lighthouse

Schist underfoot, sentier littoral

Enjoying a rest in the bay

Clouds start to gather

View towards Paulilles

The sentier littoral (coastal track)

Heading inland, Cosprons

Sainte Mairie, Cosprons

Winter vines

Col de Molllo on the horizon

The chemin climbs steadily

Fort, high above the coast

Col de Mollo

La tour de la Massane

View to Paulilles on the coast

The plains of Roussillon

Approaching Collioure

Fort Saint Elme

Our descent, back to the coast

Returning to Port Vendres

Pic de la Mine, Cerdagne, Pyrénées Orientales

Racquettes, Porté-Puymorens skifield

Wednesday 25th January 2012. Pic de la Mine, Cerdagne. 2683m altitude.
Départ: Station de Porté (Porté-Puymorens, Cerdagne). Hike with racquettes

View to Andorra, Pic de la Mine

Pic de la Mine, station de Porté

Espolla, Spain

View to les Albères from Spain

Sunday 22nd January. Albera Viva randonnée transfrontalière. Espolla,
Spain: ‘Abrics, Dolmens i Menhirs’ (shelters, dolmens and menhirs).
Espolla olive oil festival. Circuit: 20 kms.

Olive plantations surrounding Espolla

Dolmen La Cabana de l’Arqueta

Menhir de Rocs Blancs

Wild rosemary (romarin sauvage)

Rock formations

Shelter (abri or abric)

Natural rock shelter

Hidden shelters

View to the coast

The end of the road – Espolla

Les Albères, Roussillon, Pyrénées Orientales

Chapelle St Christau (Roman)

Saturday 21st January. Les Albères. Col de la Font, Chapelle Sant
Christau (Saint Christophe). Départ: St Jean d’Albère, Col de Font chemin.

View from Col de la Font

Mid January. Les Albères. Saint-Jean de l’Albère, Dolmen de Na Cristiana,
Col de Llinas, Col de la Branca, Pic Saint Cristau, Col de la Font,
Chapelle Sant Christau (Saint Christophe), Col St Jean. Circuit.

Ascent to Col de Llinas

Pic de Llinas

View towards Canigou

Pic St Cristau on the horizon

Arrival, Pic Sant Cristau

Pic Sant Cristau (Saint Christophe)

1015 metres above sea level

Remains of a tower on the peak

View towards the Mediterranean Coast

All that remains of the tower interior

View walking towards Col de la Font

Col de la Font, spring

View towards Argelès-sur-Mer

Dusk arrives as we decsend

Vallée de la Balleta, Spain

Leaving the valley, late afternoon

January 1st 2012. Randonnée Céretane. Vallée de la Balleta, Spain.
Circuit through the valley with a view to the Spanish Pyrénées, les Albères
(l’Albera, parc naturel) and Llança on the coast. Le massif des Albères
(en catalan: serra de l’Albera) est un massif de montagnes qui constitue
la partie la plus orientale de la chaîne pyrénéenne.



High above the Mediterranean coast

View to Llança

View to the Pyrénées

Click here to view ‘A vulture’s nest’ 16th December 2012

Campôme, Pyrénées Orientales

The perfect Christmas hike

Sunday December 11th 2011. Randonnée Céretane. Campôme, Carmaju,
Falgueres, La Gare, Roc des Creus, Fournouls.

View towards la vallée de la Têt

View to Canigou

Ancient rock engravings

The snowy peaks of Canigou

Autumn trees

Our last glimpse of Canigou

The weather starts to change

Clouds roll in

Returning to Campôme

Les Mas Oubliés d’Argelès-sur-Mer, Pyrénées Orientales

Chapel on the horizon

Sunday December 18th 2011. Albera Viva randonnée transfrontalière.
Argelès-sur-Mer, Notre Dame de Vie, Chapelle St Laurent, les Mas oublié,
Chateau de Valmy.

Ermitage, Notre Dame de Vie

Interior, ex-votos

Abri, shelter along the route

Eglise St Laurent

Mas 'oublié' (forgotten)

Château Valmy

An entrance gate to the château

La Cime de Coma Morera, Cerdagne, Pyrénées Orientales

Cairn near borne 504, marking the frontière

February 2011. Borne 504 (Osséja), Cerdagne. 2205m altitude, la cime
de Coma Morera. First time using snowshoes or ‘raquettes à neige’.
5 hour circuit.

Testing the snowshoes

Leaving a trail

High in the Pyrénées

Pyrénées Cerdagne, looking towards Spain

On the border

View to the Pyrénées in Spain

Cairn, on the border between France and Spain

View to Spain, Cerdanya


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