Panier of Plenty


Across the World So Wide

This tale begins like many others
In a land so far away,
With moon and stars lit up so bright
Before the break of day.

Tucked in a wood by a flowing stream
There stood a house so small,
A ramshackle roof so oddly tiled
And a chimney stack so tall.

There lived inside a lonely soul
Who could not be so bold,
To imagine that on distant shores
Magic might unfold –

For miles around there stretched just trees
Gnarled and twisted and bent,
Each waking hour in his whole life
Beyond he never went.

While he slept and time passed by
Dreams came to his head,
With each new breath his mind explored,
As he lay curled up in bed.

Across the lands in another place
A man caused quite a stir,
The crowds around him closing in
To see what would occur.

A sentence spoken clear and strong
But words that sounded weird,
Quivering earth then a puff of dust
Like thick fog till it cleared.

Upon a carpet the man did rise
First slowly then with speed,
Like a knight to battle riding
Atop a trusted steed –

Up and away, into the sky
The carpet travelled forward,
Above the spires and domes and peaks
Like a bird it soared.

Now, back across the world so wide
A brand new day was dawning,
And in the cottage where he slept
Our friend had started yawning –

A sound awoke him from his daze
In fact, quite close at hand,
A terrible crash upon his roof
What way was this to land!

For on the stack there perched our man
But could he take the blame,
If our lonely soul and the journeyer bold
Share a face that is the same?

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The Tale of the Unicorn


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