Panier of Plenty


The Golden Child

“Do you like butter?” I used to say,
As I held a buttercup in a certain way,
Shining in gold, its halo of light,
How it proved this question right.

Daisy chains strung out, one by one,
Proudly worn to greet the sun,
He loves me, he loves me not,
Petal by petal, I never forgot.

Dandelion wishes made,
On days without end or shade,
Like faeries flying on the breeze,
Each moment lived with ease.

The cloud imaginings in magic skies,
Or in pursuit of butterflies,
Lying in the lush green grass,
Oh, how slowly time would pass.

Tiger lilies standing tall and strong,
Snapdragons sang us a happy song,
Silver ferns revealing to sight,
Their precious lining, ever bright.

Names for all the secret things,
Like slippery slide, and triple springs.
No matter what trials, sorrow, or pain,
Each of these memories forever remain.

Nature’s Gown
Autumn in The Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

Autumn leaves are tumbling down,
Russet, rouge, a golden gown,
Oak and Crabapple merge with Gum,
Maple tree your time has come.

Birch and Ash, Cherry and Elm,
Adorn the paths we love to roam,
Shedded wonders they abound,
A carpet deepening on the ground.

Days grow shorter, evenings chill,
Spiders spin, the birds do trill,
How clear and blue now are the skies,
As I sit here watching butterflies.

Morning dew lies heavily,
A shining cloak so heavenly,
A time to marvel, to embrace the change,
As Nature dazzles us with her range.

The spell you’ve woven holds me fast,
How I wish this moment to last.

Nature Laid Bare
Winter in The Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

Naked she stands,
Aglow with the sun,
Branches stripped bare,
For winter has come.

Tiny curled Maple leaves,
Remind me of claws,
Each morning a frost,
I watch as it thaws.

The fountains sheet ice,
Flowers now few,
The leaves lightly dusted,
With crystalline dew.

Brisk evening strolls,
The fire now lit daily,
Warm in Rose Cottage,
I pass these days gaily.

When Nature Appears
Spring in The Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

Tender green she wears her gown,
Blossoms woven make her crown,
Joy of birdsong, welcoming
For the time has come to celebrate spring.

Tiny tendrils now unfurl,
Shoots spring forth to greet the world,
Life begins to smile again
As dewdrops gather, glistening.

Tulip, my chalice, catching the sun,
Golden nectar, for all has become
Beauty blushes, behold her glow
For her radiance does capture our soul.

Petal maiden, virginal bride,
The May Queen dances on the other side,
Yet here – en face – it is September
As seasons change we must remember –

Embrace each day, invite the new,
Shedding all that is not true,
A butterfly, we re-emerge
Our wings outspread – follow the urge –

Reinvent, explore, rejuvenate,
Shake off all doubts as night abates
For light has come, behold the dawn –
Arcadia – we are reborn.

Heart laid bare for all to see
Glory in its majesty
Here she stands, so wild, so free –
“Take my hand, come dance with me”.

Nature’s Call *

Hark now, listen, a Nightingale’s song,
From glade to woodland, for now there’s a throng,
Can you hear the laughter in the trees,
The flutter of gentle butterfly wings?

With each passing footstep,
There echoes a beat,
For every path trodden,
Man has left a feat –

Though Nature calls him to his home,
He tarries not,
For worries load,
They’re on his back, the truth be told.

Lost to him the sounds at dawn,
Barely perceptible, the choir of morn,
His concerns for work, and furrowed brow,
Consume all else, for this is how –

Progress marches those in line to their end,
Unwitting victims of a life we must spend,
Not hunting and gathering,
But tending to our heads,
The bills we pay, the price we place
On each of our deeds.

Who could have thought –
Technology’s so smart,
It enables us to keep the pace,
But what about our heart?

Forgotten it lies dormant,
Behind a lock and key,
Not accessed for enjoyment,
Work a priority.

Set aside our pleasure time,
Our lives embellished with fine wine,
Drowning sorrows,
Dreaming of the morrows,
Where rescue is near,
What fuels our fears?

Necessity, we might say –
We have to eat, what choice is there but pay?
And pay we do, the price of freedom,
Captive in our waking state,
Robbed of dreams as day abates,
Night filled with demons, taunting us,
Can’t we see – life’s treacherous,
Trip up now and we shall fall,
Voices, urging, drive us on,
Not truth, nor love, but bittersweet,
A life with deadlines and goals to meet.

Hark now, listen, can you hear a song,
If we stop ourselves, it doesn’t take long,
A pause, a silence, and we shall hear,
A melody that floats on air.

The ring around us calls us home,
For birdsong wakes us to what we know,
That there’s more to life than slavery,
For look at Nature, in harmony –

Contributing, the web of life,
Holding balance through grief and strife,
Sustaining all we need to thrive,
After all, how do we think we survive?

Providing all we need to live,
The oxygen, the water – a gift,
Blessings there, already ours,
Yet concrete swarms – and it devours.

Bastion of green you stand,
Proud and strong, from ancient land,
Wrapping us in arms of gold,
The sun enlivens every soul –

Look up, look up – to greet the sky,
See how high our feathered friends soar,
Not trapped, not caged, but free to explore,
Expand your mind and venture out,
For all around us joy abounds,
A tiny world upon the ground.

There’s more to life than meets our eyes,
So much to fathom, once we know its disguise,
Commanding illusion,
We keep it at bay,
Communing with Nature,
We welcome each day.

* Featured in the post Le Rossignol

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