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Leaves From My Book


‘L’écriture est la peinture de la voix.’
Voltaire, 1764.

I am compelled to write, the need arises from somewhere within. It is my
way of making sense of the world – letting words pour out as they will,
and then reflecting on what prompted them. I am an observer, constantly
analysing and seeking improvement as ideas arrive, yet also very much
guided by the natural flow of things – allowing the space for musings
if this is the impulse that dominates.

Sometimes it is a story that appears from nowhere – I put pen to paper
and have it in an instant. I try not to question this process too much,
or to criticise and change what has come so easily of its own accord.
Complete articles are written in this fashion, as well as poems and tales.

‘The Seven Elixirs’ and ‘Fables From The Land Of Enchantments’ are the latest
creations, joining the books ‘A Wing and A Prayer’ and ‘Through Nature’s Door’
to complete a series. Blurring the boundaries that define the categories of
fiction and non-fiction, each book explores paradoxes in our society, giving wings
to our imagination.

As with all forms of creative expression, the greatest joy comes from sharing
that which has been born from curiosity and desire – the words that take on a
life of their own as they flutter onto the page.

‘Watch this space’ for news on their publication, and meanwhile, here
is a brief taste of what is to come…

The Seven Elixirs
By Vivienne Cole

Imbued with the power to transform
the everyday into the extraordinary

Seven tales from very different realms, that open the portal to
worlds waiting to be discovered, on this voyage of the imagination
that leads to ancient civilisations, and then blasts out into space:
you are the adventurer living through these pages – an active
participant invited to contribute, as each elixir, when offered,
opens up new possibilities you may never have dreamt of.

A Wing and A Prayer
By Vivienne Cole

The flight to freedom

‘Rising above’ our daily life to view it from a new perspective,
offers many answers when our journey is lit by the wisdom of
the ancients. Long coded, secrets that have been hidden behind
a veil of secrecy are now reaching popular consciousness, yet
there is much that remains a mystery and cannot be explained
by modern theories. Although we might endeavour to grasp the
truth from reliable sources, we hold the key when it comes to
deciphering our own experiences. Discovering the wings that
are ours to try on for size, all we require for this adventure
is an open mind…

Through Nature’s Door
By Vivienne Cole

Where instincts come to the fore

Living to our full potential is the goal that we all share,
for ‘coded within’, the programme of nature calls on us to thrive.
Whether consciously, or not so aware, we respond to our dreams
and pursue wellbeing in whatever form we choose – evolving
towards balance as our natural state, our instincts guide us,
turning the key, opening the door to a greater understanding of
‘the nature of reality’.

Oh, Pretty Bird

Oh, Pretty Bird

Fables From The Land Of Enchantments
By Vivienne Cole

Magic, mystery and marvels

Magic, mythical creatures and marvels, to remind us that life is a ‘mystery’ and anything can happen if we can stretch our mind to accept it. Surprises await, lifting us from the mundane to a new state, where freedom reigns.


2 thoughts on “Leaves From My Book

  1. Sandra aka Auntie White Dove Mary Magdalene past life experience on said:

    St vraialut et bien jetez deux ans en Aude et apres a Ceret ou il iavait Le Canigou montagne sacre de La Magdalene jai eu des larmes aux jeux cesvrai cette vie passe
    ma donne beaucoup de blessures, mais en 2010 et 2011 jai ete envoyez pars ST Germain pour la preparation et nettroyage de cette endroit de penne et blessures,
    Je revient en 2013, merci Vivienne, pour les photos et les muse, jai peint la bas
    en sous mon Canigou. Auntie White Dove.

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