Panier of Plenty

Winter Wonderland

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Icicles, the river transformed

Tiny cones

Leaves of ice



Cascade stalactites

Sculpted ice


In the river

Oak leaf suspended in the river

Riverbed rocks

The river frozen 10 cm thick

living ice sculpture

Frozen in time

Heart in the iceflow

Imprisoned in the ice


The river crystalised

Racines with ice

Racines with snow

The Barrage

The barrage or dam changes its appearance as the flow freezes, is covered
by a layer of snow, and then becomes enclosed in a chamber of ice…


The transformation begins

February 6th, a layer of snow

February 6th

February 6th, snow

Chambers of ice


One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Très belles tes photos 😉

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