Panier of Plenty

Quatre Saisons

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Canigou, a spring morning

The belvédère in spring

Cycling, canal de Perpignan, Thuir


View from Néfiach

View from Néfiach

Peaches and nectarines in spring

Spring arrives on the plains of Roussillon

Pruning in the orchards of Néfiach, Roussillon

Barrage de Passet, Porté-Puymorens, Pyrénées

Morning through the bathroom window


Tournesols near Limoux, Languedoc

September vines, the plains of Roussillon

Etang, Villeneuve de la Raho

Albi, newly listed 'Patrimoine Mondial de l'Unesco'

Cathar château, Peyrepertuse, Aude

Falconry, Peyrepertuse

Aigle, Peyrepertuse

View from cathar château Quéribus

Cathar sentier (walking track) Quillan

Les gorges du Verdouble

Pebbly bay, Mediterranean Côte Vermeille

The Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean coast


November, after weeks of rain

In the forest

An autumn morning

Horses roam freely, parc naturel, Porté-Puymorens, Cerdagne

Parc naturel, Porté-Puymorens, Cerdagne

Afternoon light, the Pyrénées, Cerdagne

Cadaques, Spain, end of September


The first sprinkling of snow

The river freezes

Col de l'Ouillat

The tramontane blows away the clouds

January 29th, Col de l'Ouillat

Dusk, Col de l'Ouillat

View to the Pyrénées, Espagne

View to the Pyrénées, Espagne

Winter on the Côte Vermeille, Canigou

Etang de Canet-St-Nazaire, Canigou

Winter, the plains of Roussillon

Château de Sau, Thuir

Full moon in December, Cerdagne

The Pyrénées, Cerdagne

Late afternoon light, Pyrénées Cerdagne

Janvier, dusk view Albères

Dolmen. Saint Michel de Llotes

Pyrénées, dusk view from the Fenouillèdes

A winter sunset, Les Albères

Canigou during the full moon

Canigou during the full moon

Canigou, January 29th

Canigou at dawn


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