Panier of Plenty

Many Worlds

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Many worlds shimmer

Thursday 9th February. There are many worlds in our river, and as the
wind touches my cheek, they shimmer. Delicate lace dragons battle
passing leaves, as trees clash their branches together in the ripples.
I am watching how the river is turning from opaque to transparent;
the snow melting to reveal widening cracks as the sun warms their
edges. Water roars beneath the thinning plates – they too are dancing
as swirls of shape-shifting light, for it catches the icy waves beneath.

Ice Dragon

A mythical creature

Ice lacework

Many worlds lie within

Ice changing form

A world beneath the ice

Portal to a cascade

Leaf world

A round world lies within

A frozen world thaws

Trees clash branches

Another world

A reflection shape-shifts

Bridge to a hidden world

Trees whisper to each other

A fleeting world


2 thoughts on “Many Worlds

  1. Anna-Maryke and pugs on said:

    So evocative and full of magical patterning! Thank you for sharing your visual experience

  2. Sheila on said:


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