Panier of Plenty

Chez Mina

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Mina des Montagnes

Mina des Montagnes

Mina ‘came with the house’. Although she is wild and more accustomed
to hunting and life in the forest, rather than the indoor comforts
of other cats, she is dedicated in her affection and follows us
everywhere – helping in the garden or mushrooming, even keeping pace
on hikes into the woods or up the road, she crosses rivers and seems
unaffected by the snow.

Preparing for a new adventure

Surveying the terrain

Leaving her trace

Mina, at home in the forest

Well camouflaged

In the heart of the forest

Forest view


Treetop view

A quick descent

Following the river downstream

The riverbank

Mina finding water

About to spring across the river

As the snow disappears there are plates of ice – the river that runs
through the valley below the belvédère is sunnier than ‘upriver’
– when we (Mina and I) followed it downstream it was more like a skating
rink, frozen solid, with very little flowing. Mina got too close and
slid down a cascade, clinging with her claws and somehow managing to
scramble back up – I am sure her expression was one of relief.

Clinging to the ice


February 2012. After the ice had thawed and we still had no running water,
we examined the entire length of the water supply line – a walk that took us
through the forest and along the road for several kilometres.

Mounting a tree

On the descent

Heading home

May 3rd, Spring.

As everything continues to flourish after the April rains there is
an abundance of game for Mina – 6 mice delivered (and counting) this week…

Hunting for mice


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