Panier of Plenty

Welcome, Bienvenue

Breakfast on the belvédère


Embracing her new life in France, Antipodean artist Vivienne Cole
finds there is plenty to grace her table.

Learning to make the most of the abundance of produce that comes
with the changing seasons, she is forever discovering how to harness
the ‘bounty of nature’ in the forested paradise she now calls home,
the Pyrénées Orientales.

Antipodean. Noun: personne qui vient d’Australie ou de Nouvelle-Zélande. ‘Panier (basket) of Plenty’ relates to ‘cornucopia’ or horn of plenty, la corne d’abondance

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Location: The bergerie of Mas Reste, en route to St Martin d’Albère,
at 500m altitude above Le Perthus (on the French/Spanish border)

Département 66, bordering Spain

Département 66, bordering Spain

The Pyrénées-Orientales

The Pyrénées-Orientales

Céret is around 30 minutes drive from Mas Reste – one of the Sous-Prefectures of the region, many services are based here. Even though it is a town, at its centre it remains a village, with a medieval heart

Our commune, L'Albère

Our commune, L’Albère

16th February, 2015: Of course it is not the destination but the journey that matters, and since I started this site there have been a few changes. In November 2014, I came ‘down the mountain’ and now reside in Céret – all posts after this date reflect the change. Instead of living in l’Albère, I work there, and from spring to autumn make the daily journey to the fromagerie of Mas Coste. The goat’s cheese I mention buying from a neighbour in the section ‘The Menu’ is now made by my own hand. Mina who was my dear fur friend is now ‘in the stars’, but still in my heart, and the panier that is symbolic of the abundance of produce has disappeared! Yet I have a new garden to cultivate at the goat farm, with a view to Canigou, and can still enjoy the bounty of nature, as well as all the benefits of life in a ville that is renowned for its artists and festivals. Célestine was born on August 23rd 2013, and is naturally at the centre of this new adventure as ‘La Vedette’. Enjoy discovering this part of the South, through my eyes…


7 thoughts on “Welcome, Bienvenue

  1. Anna-Maryke and pugs on said:

    A wonderful site, Vivienne! Thank you for sharing and we look forward to more updates, and fantastic images! Your life looks abundant and idyllic!


    Houa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo l’artiste,que de belle photos pour le régale des yeux. J’ai vraiment envie d’aller d’aller en vacances chez toi pour y découvrir ces magnifiques paysage et déguster ces bon plat autour d’une table aussi bien présentée.
    Bisous à vous deux les AMIS

  3. I love that image, it is exactly how I imagine rural country life to be in Europe, breathtaking 🙂

  4. hi viv!
    i was just taking a walk down memory lane (the robertson file of photos on this old laptop!) when i was a picture of you and i had forgotten your name. i had to open itunes and listen to bones thursday night to remember who dimmed the lights!! so it has obviously been way too long! and so i have found you here in the south of france! how wonderful and romantic sounding. i will subscribe and look forward to hearing more (do you read harriet’s blog? it is lovely)
    so bone and I and our new addition Felix (who has just turned 2 so i really not so new anymore!) are currently in north carolina staying with bones parents as his mum undergoes chemo.
    ok felix is up from his nap so more later
    lots of love

    • Hi Rebecca, What a nice surprise, glad you found me, I still dim the lights! They were such wonderful evenings and now you are far from the Big Potato… hope Bones’ mum will be ok, and hello to Felix! Let me know Harriet’s blog address. Love to you all, Viv xxx (hope you are still making music).

        bones is still making music. he did really well on the west coast of australia touring up and down although narrogin where we settled for 3 years was not really much of an artsy town he did play a few gigs there. it was a great spot to have felix but we will be moving on soon…

  5. Philippe Claudy on said:

    Le petit troupeau de moutons s’est agrandi, des petits agneaux gambadent dans les vertes prairies.

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