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The Trump Card

Whilst there are many reactions to the results of the American elections — flying through the air as turbulently as the autumn leaves, whipped up by forceful gusts — I am absorbed by the change of seasons, a natural phenomena we can either revel in the glory of, or ignore.

If, in the present, we feel a sense of wonder, nothing else exists ‘within this magic bubble’ — we are in awe of the beauty of nature that surrounds us daily (whatever the season we happen to be experiencing).

Try as it might, the media has no power over our wellbeing when we confirm, or affirm, all that makes our heart sing — thus rising above ‘a mirage’, experiencing only goodness.

For new growth to occur the old must be shed, and when ‘all is bared’ the result is evident, for any camouflage disappears. When faced with a sight that is glaringly obvious, we are able to respond with confidence — for in the light of day, it is evident that the structure in place, which many place their faith in, is flawed, and thus ‘does not serve all interests equally’ but instead casts shadows on its neighbours, depriving them of their share.

Yet as we know, all structures built on unsound foundations must surely tumble, for each of the trees in the forest has a sound root system — a network of communication — and their branches continue to reach towards the sun, in spite of any intrusions; remaining tall, converting stale air to fresh oxygen, in keeping with the laws of creation. Unswayed, unmoved; weathering storms gracefully — always turned towards the source that governs all things, growing silently.

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3 thoughts on “The Trump Card

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    in the magic bubble! What a beautiful image 🙂

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