Panier of Plenty

A discourse…

Those of you who know me, may be amused to see increasingly long ‘philosophical treatises’ emerging. It is not that I want to air an opinion, or expect an audience, or spend all my time thinking about ‘the bigger questions’, it is just that I find that my own direct experience has lead to ‘natural investigations’, for a theme is triggered and a response arises automatically — I just follow it.

Having been taken down an unconventional path, I have been led to many different situations, sampling, or living the results of a wide variety of choices, and now feel compelled to respond by ‘raising points’ that are subjective, provoking reflection, or stimulating enquiry, as perhaps you, the reader, share similar views, or are passionately opposed, for there is no ‘answer’ only an honest response!

‘Contemplations’ will now be housed at a new location, if you would like to share this evolution with me, you are most welcome…

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