Panier of Plenty

Growing up free-range

I have been thinking back to childhood and how grateful I am for the wide open spaces in nature that surrounded our home, allowing my brother and I to roam freely, beyond any perimeter. We had ‘undeveloped’ grasslands adjoining the bounds of our acre, leading to forest trails or ‘the bush’ as it was known. Safely off on adventures, we returned at mealtimes, so completely ‘at home’ were we in nature. I realise this has been an essential in my life — I’ve never been ‘boxed’ but sought freedom from confinement, unafraid to challenge conventions and explore wider territories.

Even though at this moment I only have a terrace, I can’t get past the need to plant and grow vegetables and flowers, it is a necessity for my survival — to be surrounded by living things that provide immeasurable pleasures. Thus, as spring commences, I am caught up in reverie, content with these memories which shall be relived again, as I share new joys with my daughter.

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