Panier of Plenty

Creative License

Central Céret

Leaving central Céret

Photographs of my chosen scene provide reference, recording the morning light. I have watched the hills — the view from my terrace and kitchen — change throughout each season and chosen to paint winter, visiting often to observe details in the landscape, while working in the atelier…


Morning light, Winter

Breathing life into an expression on paper, the finished result never matters. The joy is in the emerging creation; in watching it appear as it leaves the imagination, becoming tangible. Requiring dedication — in silence — delight is what bubbles to the surface as if to say ‘surprise!’

Where there was a blank page, there is colour dancing before my eyes… taking on a form that crystallises and will remain fixed, whenever the last brushstroke signals ‘complete’, for this is always ‘open’. We can quickly render or labour, responding to the impulse that decides what it favours… all part of the process that has nothing to do with ‘deciding’ but merely presides — as we, the creator, answer to the call, there are simply no rules. ‘Pleasing ourselves’ is the goal: we are all capable of meeting our own standards when ‘in our element’ loving every minute, without expectations.

A call, to the budding artist within every child who has become a grown-up…

If you didn’t excel at art, or were ever criticised, or afraid of not being good enough, or didn’t know where to start, the only way to overcome any doubt is to banish the ‘inner critic’ that can emerge and dissuade us, and embark on a journey of discovery. We all know how to take photos, without necessarily being a photographer, yet ‘artist’ often comes with a stigma. As a child we all scribbled and painted — how does this spontaneous expression get buried beneath layers of “I can’t draw” or smothered with admiration for great artists, when we all have the gift of ‘communication through symbolism’: the basis of creating imagery that goes beyond writing. Who knows what lies latent? Just as we are all capable of singing, it can take courage to burst out onto paper or a canvas, yet when we find the time, it is liberating.

Handmade concertina book

Handmade concertina book

The first layer

The first layer

Starting to add detail

Starting to add detail

Watercolours drying

The second layers drying

Adding more detail

Adding more detail

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  1. mesarapugs on said:

    What a beautiful object – wonderful painting 🙂 !

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