Panier of Plenty

Fiat Lux!

Collioure, La Côte Vermeille

Collioure, La Côte Vermeille

Why do we celebrate with fireworks? Am I the only one to pose this question, as millions of people around the world enjoy magnificent New Year’s Eve displays, oblivious of what they represent to the psyche?

We are accustomed to marking occasions in this way, in fact, we expect a fiery display. What would the ancients think — a boon from the god’s or trickery? — of our modern day enchantments, precisely timed and often with images or music.

Fire has always fascinated, beyond its role as ‘essential’. An elemental force symbolising creation, the big bangs that light up our night sky are reminiscent of Genesis, recalling our origins. All eyes look up, amazed; we are taken outside of our bodies, and limits, attached for a moment to grandiose forces.

A lightning storm would do as well, commanding our attention, for these light explosions speak of destruction, energy and potential: the active cosmos. Swirling as nebula, spiralling wheels, red giants exploding into myriad beams — yet all spheres when received, these balls of light are what separate day and night. Primeval, primordial, the essence of life.

Bringing the stars into our sight, showering us with sparkles that remind us of infinity — calling on us to ascend to greater heights, to allow the new to enter and work its magic in our life.

Bonne Année 2016



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One thought on “Fiat Lux!

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Happy New Year!! Love the opening shot – like a bouquet of flowers 🙂 xx

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