Panier of Plenty

Getting carried away for Noël…

Dear Friends and Family,

We came to the Christmas Market — La Cour de Noël, in the Château Royal de Collioure — with good intentions. Expecting to raise a toast to you with vin chaud and to bite into sugary hot churros (to revive our spirits after our gallant shopping efforts), we came away empty handed, having been completely distracted by the view, and the fact that it was a rather spectacular day.

Yours in thought,

Vivienne et Célestine xxxx

Waiting for the market to open

Waiting for the market to open

Noël !

Noël !

The vineyards of Collioure

Vignerons of Collioure represented

Window shopping

Window shopping


The bustle

Walking the ramparts

Trailing around the market

A training exercise

Captivated by the action

Watching the clock

Watching the clock

Deep in thought

A perch vs. purchase

Time for an ice-cream

Time for an ice-cream

Sad to have not found something special

Sad to be empty handed

A swimmer going past...

A swimmer going past…

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4 thoughts on “Getting carried away for Noël…

  1. Down under on said:

    Absolutely captivating ! Can we swap places …just for a day? I love ” perch vs purchase”. That’s how Christmas should be.

  2. And you only want to swap places for a day? xx

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