Panier of Plenty

Cherry fields

Central Céret

Place des Neuf Jets,  Céret

Passing 'Le Castellas'

Passing ‘Le Castellas’

Admiring the view

Admiring the view of Canigou


Olive groves

When I opened the shutters this morning, there was ice on the roof below, and the gardens lining the ‘Tins’ river in the ravine were white. A waning full moon was suspended in a violet-pink sky, and our fire still glowing as chimney smoke curled its way from surrounding rooftops in the valley.

On a whim, snug in our goose-down coats, we hiked up the hill behind Le Castellas to the terraced fields that once held orchards. Giant peeling cerisiers now invite birds and insects to make their homes: covered in lichen and fungus, there are miniature worlds to be discovered.

There were patches of frost in hollows, in contrast to the intense heat of the sun-drenched slopes, with dandelions waiting to send wishes into the ether and acorn cups, ready to be raised in a toast to a magical dimanche, ‘above’ Céret.

Canigou covered in fresh snow

Fresh snow

The outskirts of Céret, below

The outskirts of Céret, below

Picking clover

Picking clover



Basking in the sun

Basking in the sun

The forest

The forest

Surrounding the fields

Oaks surrounding the fields

Peeling acorns

Peeling acorns

Looking for fungus growths

Looking for fungus on a cherry tree

Highest terrace

Highest terrace, The Med beyond

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3 thoughts on “Cherry fields

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    What a magic adventure! Adorable is la petite fille! Soo cute! 🙂 xx

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