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Talk about the weather

As with many villages, or in this case, a town that remains a village at heart, locals exchange niceties and the most popular subject is the météo. Life is simple, and I suspect it is possible to set a watch (if I wore one) to familiar faces going about their daily rituals: buying bread, getting supplies for Sunday lunch, walking their dog, or moving from café to café following the sun. Today, bonnets, scarves and gloves came out for the first time this season and everyone exclaimed ‘we are back to normal’! Canigou received a snowfall overnight and the icy Tremontane is rattling windows and shutters, and drying the dancing, tangled washing…

View from  les balcons de Céret

View from les balcons de Céret

Place des Neuf Jets

Place des Neuf Jets

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One thought on “Talk about the weather

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Great image of the snow-dusted Canigou! 🙂

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