Panier of Plenty

Empty the attic

Whether it’s the attic, garage or drawers being tidied, ‘vide greniers’ are always full of ‘trash’ that is being discarded, only to become treasure in the eye of the new beholder. They become addictive… even if you go just to browse, and have no ideal object in mind, something always seems to pop up and claim a place in your heart and home. Of course, this is because part of the fun is getting a bargain – of picking up a leather handbag for two euros or a linen shirt for one euro, for example. It is also about sharing, and ensuring that pre-loved goods continue to be re-loved and circulate. Everyone goes away happy: the sellers as they feel a bit lighter and have cash in their pockets; the buyers as they have found something they didn’t know they needed, for a song.

Possible finds: furniture; clothing; shoes; antiques and bric-a-brac; tools; decorative objects; glassware and kitchen items; fabric; toys, children’s clothing and accessories; bicycles; books and music; homemade preserves; and the list continues…

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