Panier of Plenty

Our Mistress…

La Nature.

The word that wishes to describe today is ‘eerie’. It is early afternoon and swallows (hirondelles) are flying in agitated circles, on currents that precede the ‘eye of the storm’. I unplugged phone and internet cables last night, unsure of ‘why’ but sensing something pending. We have been plunged into an ominous darkness, punctuated by an orange glow over the horizon, as fires burn somewhere beyond the limit of these ranges – the plume of smoke has been engulfed by storm clouds.

Vies, descending from l'Albère

View, descending from l’Albère

Frontier with Spain

The frontier with Spain

Thunder rumbles… not just the occasional ‘clap’ but continuously, building intensity since this morning. Forked lightning flashes between the heavens and earth; charging, abating. A cool breeze has tempered the ‘too intense’ heat for this season.

Now, it is only a matter of waiting…

Canigou, from the terrace

Canigou, from the terrace

Wednesday 11th June. Storms circled for a few days, watering the garden, before a tremendous front came through yesterday afternoon – bringing hail and flash flooding…

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