Panier of Plenty

Counting Blessings

If I find myself wondering, “What am I doing here?” this week reminds me not to pose such questions…

As cherry season comes to an end and temperatures peak in the mid-thirties, the first blushing Roussillon apricots are in the market, alongside plump white and yellow peaches, and nectarines. Melons, too, have come into season.

Céret's Burlat cherries

Céret’s burlat cherries

Apricots and peaches

Local apricots and peaches

'Cat 1' melon

‘Cat 1’ melon

The Mediterranean has warmed up to ‘fresh and pleasant’, and with only half an hour’s scenic drive to it’s shores, past stony hills terraced with vines and flowering oleander (Laurier-rose), who could wish for more?

My favourite bay

My favourite bay

Swimming from the rocks

Swimming from the rocks

Figs of barbary in flower

Figs of barbary in flower

Leaving Cap Béar

Leaving Cap Béar

An almond croissant to start Sunday on a high note; a picnic as water laps over the rocks, passing kayakers singing of ‘paradise’ in Catalan, and the scene is set. Embracing the moment, no matter where we happen to find ourselves, and savouring life’s pleasures, each day brings new experiences to treasure.

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One thought on “Counting Blessings

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Blessed indeed!! The opening image reminds of an abstract painting 🙂

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