Panier of Plenty

In Harmony

Céret, Pyrénées-Orientales, France

Creation and destruction go hand in hand. They are ancient bedfellows; inexorably linked or bound to each other. Creation rises from destruction and all creation must eventually be destroyed – by the forces of nature and time (all that gave rise to creation).

Whether on a grand scale, or with a little gesture, we are creators; harnessing natural forces and following the inspiration that arises within us, towards the realisation of our ‘dreams’. These dreams are our babies, our seedlings, the things that ‘keep us going’ or give us hope. Each and every one of us has secret wishes or thoughts – as we respond to the world around us, we all wish for something – it is our nature to be drawn towards ‘the light’: to whatever enlivens or lightens our spirit.

This can also be described as a feeling, ‘a lightness of being’ when we are in alignment with our heartfelt desires. They can be anything that brings pleasure; from cooking a meal to be shared, or telling a lively tale, we know when we offer something that will ‘regale’. Joy springs forth when we are at our best, or in our element, concentrating our efforts.

Any energy spent in this way could be called ‘positive creation’ for its vibration (in terms of wavelength) is gay – whatever we do with pleasure and love is born of good intentions and ‘bubbles up’ like a wellspring or a fountain. Our cup is filled to ‘overbrimming’. Therein lies the key, and the unspoken code as we open a tome: the grail mystery and quest, seeking the chalice, who would have guessed!

In baking a cake, for example, it is not immediately clear that we fill the criteria for a seeker on a quest for the ‘good and fair’. Yet so much in myth was coded and principles abound; in modern society they must be translated to be practically grounded. Daily events are what we understand, ‘how to’ guides and instruction manuals… which brings us to the point of this piece: the unifying creative principle and its bedmate ‘destruction’.

Unless we are mystical scholars, it may not be a subject we’ve ever thought to dwell on. Every day we put the principles to work ‘unconsciously’, not really aware of either utilising or harnessing them – it is automatic and in some cases, ‘by default’. We can separate out the processes involved: thought, visualisation, and action or actualisation. Large creations have more time dedicated to their envisioning, and smaller creations can be almost all action when automated through habit. To design and build a home requires much dreaming and research as a clear vision is formed – enough to specify from, directing others. All things therefore ‘come together towards the realisation of a project or vision’ and must be in harmony or accord for it to be completed in the same spirit.

Therefore, it could be said that creation is ‘love and attention lavished’ – our seedlings must be watered and tended to grow. They need light – our light – our enthusiasm must show. Bathing in satisfaction of all that we do; holding good intentions we surmount any obstacles or rejections. Faith comes into play; belief in an outcome that is favourable.

Everything he touched, Midas turned to gold – with thoughts that correspond to our ideal, everything is possible. Yet there is a word of caution to be precise, to “Be careful what we wish for” adds a surprise – why can’t we have it all, does there have to be a price?!

Consequences are the morals of tales, and folly is shown to have pitfalls, lest ‘power be misused’. It is a scared trust, ‘just enough’ without reveling in glory – ‘humble’ is the mark of good character not ‘a million followers on Twitter’.

In this day and age we can all be a star, reveling in our own glory and shining afar, giving rise to our voice or actively self-promoting. Again we must think of energy, and the intention to share joyfully versus shouting “Look at me”. Ultimately, what we seek are ‘meaningful connections’: exchanges with others who ‘speak the same language’; who know where we’re coming from; who are on the same wavelength. Our lives are made richer when we encounter such friends – our vision expands as we invite ‘openings’: new lines of enquiry or thought; new inspiration, sparked by our own interest.

Our evolutionary path – a creative life cycle – is that of an open-minded seeker, as curiosity is stimulated. Like a child discovering the world, we are drawn to what resonates and then make it our own, by responding. ‘Following our bliss’ – or what feels right – is our authentic path, not hit or miss. It can’t all be planned out in advance, for it is the element of chance that allows Lady Luck to shine and catch our eye – we must be ‘aware’ for opportunities in disguise, which means ‘receptive’… ready to absorb, open to surprises and expecting them in hordes. “What if?” lets opportunity enter and “Why not?” makes out heart beat faster. After all, there is no time for regret; blame serves no end and excuses are empty.

This is the path in the opposite direction; littered with lost interest and forgotten intentions – rejection. Things undertaken to impress others, or by default… when our ‘heart wasn’t in it’, having strayed from ‘our own true self’ if we were never in accord but ignored our real impulse.

Learning to say no, or uncover the lie, or to simply be clear on where our desires do lie, we remain ‘authentic’ and ‘in the flow’. Half-heartedly attempting a deed or forcing ourselves to do anything, we enter a shadow world and hard labour or ‘hell’ might accompany our struggles: there are always extremes and how much we are drawn into them is a reflection of how closely we follow our ‘ideals’. Knowing that something doesn’t feel right, but sticking to a plan or promise, only results in listless motions. Even if a result or victory is obtained, it is often hollow or tainted. Instead of everything rallying around and going our way, we can expect obstacles, or barriers to our progress. Challenges, breakdowns, mounting expenses… signs that perhaps we should come back to our senses…that in fact we have strayed from harmony; that there are indications to help us realise.

Our intuition exists in the form of watchdog, of guide, of master, of all that is known. Gut feelings, hunches, warnings of the sixth sense… all that we need to aid us takes to ‘our defence’, bringing us awareness that can help us change the course of events.

We all have this faculty, designed to bring us aid, each one of us is equipped with highly intelligent ‘receptors’ that indicate whether our actions are ‘in our true interests’. We know the expression ‘smell a rat’, or if we don’t trust someone from the onset – without any logic being involved, alternatively ‘clicking’ with those who correspond. We could call it ‘navigation’ for it steers our way, cutting through illusion and helping precision. Yet how often do those who ‘become unstuck’ say, “If only I’d listened” to the voices that popped up – in a busy world it is easy to override our ‘natural functions’ that are part of what help us survive. Animals know to move to high ground when they sense floods – preventing them from drowning – so why are human lives so often in jeopardy when destructive forces arise and threaten equilibrium? Did nobody feel an inkling that something was wrong; that they needed to seek safety or change vicinity?

The more we rely on experts or news, or others opinions, the more ‘instincts we lose’. Whilst we once had an ear to the ground, in modern society, subtleties are drowned. Run with an iPod and we block out the ‘noise’ – distraction dominates and drowns out our inner voice – the one that needs space and silence to emerge. The voice forgotten and pushed away… doubted and subjected to suppression… for the further we are entrenched in any fixed ideas of who we are and what we are meant to be doing, the further we are from ‘fluidity’, for fears are ‘rigid’. Going ‘with the flow’ is uncomfortable for some, for we like to know which side our bread is buttered and from whence it will come: to function in a modern world we require opinions, means, a role and credentials – the ‘essentials’.

Yet look at it another way and they are all ‘controls’ to keep us at bay. To put us in boxes and categories, to make us think, or believe, that we are indeed limited to what we have done or achieved, and to seek within our range… and mind we don’t venture from the cage… if our heart isn’t in it, do we have the choice – who pays the mortgage or the rent? Going ‘through the motions’ our lives are thus spent.

And the result? Dreams of escape? A one-day reality when we’ve got through this stage? Or a life-threatening illness, a wake-up call, an epiphany or shock or crisis where we fall? Nature takes all in hand – fate it seems, always intervenes… for when natural faculties are pushed aside, or deactivated, other forces must step in to retain balance. Equilibrium, honesty, truth… fairness, joy, youth… passion, enthusiasm, a spark, conviction, diplomacy and peace… all the victors.

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