Panier of Plenty

Shades of grey

Hardly the stereotypical image of Spring

It was 3°c when I left work at 9am. Canigou has been barely visible, but there are glimpses of fresh snow when clouds occasionally part. The wind is picking up, which means it will soon clear. We have had days of heavy rain and mist – not at all ‘usual’ for this part of the South. Weather is always top of mind as townsfolk greet each other and give their own forecast, agreeing that of course we need the rain, but we shall be so very happy to enjoy the warmth of the sun again…

Quinces preserved on the tree

Quinces preserved on the tree

View of my terrace and kitchen

View of my terrace and kitchen

The top two floors, visible between the forked tree…

'The Tins' ravine

‘The Tins’ ravine

I can walk down the steps of a narrow ‘impasse’ that then slopes steeply downhill to a bridge, cross the Tins and scramble up a steep bank to a path that follows the other side of the ravine. It lies directly opposite the back of this stone terraced house and continues in a semi circle to the main town carpark.

Looking across the ravine

Looking across the ravine

The potagers below are getting a good soaking. The Tins river is usually a trickle and provides irrigation for the adjacent gardens.

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One thought on “Shades of grey

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Beautiful and sensitive image of the quince on branches – inspiring! 🙂

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