Panier of Plenty

Nid d’amour

Bonne fête

This fête de la Saint-Valentin, in Céret, birds have been flying past my window carrying twigs (very clear as the kitchen panorama is three stories up and they are at eye level) – a sign they are busy finding partners and constructing nests (the twigs are impressive: much larger than in the photo shown!). As all things follow the rhythm of nature, even en ville, a new arrival has been stirring up the poules in the garden below – a magnificent coq. And how he crows! Rising to herald l’aube (dawn), he then gives a regular serenade that is louder than the church bells that ring on the hour and half hour. It is very timely that I discovered several variations on the traditional ‘coq au vin’ when putting my recipe files in order…

In fact I am unsure of whether he will be a permanent resident or is merely visiting, but I shall find out…

Post 2014: La Saint-Valentin
This period has long been associated with fertility rites

February 19th. Calm has been restored…

The rooster has gone

The rooster has gone

Visiting the chickens

Visiting the chickens

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  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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