Panier of Plenty

Chemins Sublimés

Inspired by dramatic light breaking through gathering storm clouds, I discovered part of the circuit I was going to explore by map in a more haphazard fashion, taking a narrow street and climbing up stone steps that led to a partly ruined chateau, before continuing on a winding path with an ever-widening view of Céret and to my surprise, the villa I look directly up to (from my kitchen), with its terraced olive groves. At altitude, it emerged from the landscape silhouetted by tall cyprus trees, backlit by the upper slopes of Canigou that dominate this angle.

Following the curve of the crumbling outer walls of the increasingly large property (Le Castellas), arriving at the end of the chemin facing south where the terrain became levelled pasture, I encountered a panorama of the peaks of the Albères – the range of the Pyrénées I previously called home – that gave Georges Braque (La Fenêtre, Sejour à Céret en 1911) reason to capture his view, 53 years ago. The alignment brought reassurance, confirming the focus of this of this new period in my life: creativity in whatever form it wishes to take…

Fenêtre, George Braque, 1911

Fenêtre, Georges Braque, 1911

Le Castellas entrance

Le Castellas entrance

The villa and terraces

The villa and terraces

Rooves of Céret

Rooves of Céret

Towards Canigou

Towards Canigou

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