Panier of Plenty

An unveiling

The tree that has captured my attention (below the kitchen window) due to its blaze of orange foliage is now resembling a sculpture that has had its leaves carefully strung along each branch, in the manner of washing. As it bares its inner structure, I can see glimpses of stonework and cobalt shutters (reminiscent of Morocco) – a new landscape is being revealed as autumn takes hold. Canigou peeks over the hills on the near horizon, snow-covered at altitude, and the contours of the surrounding ranges are accentuated by the bands of low cloud that hug them. It is the light that is most beautiful at this time of year; diffused by smoke and mist, glazing all it touches with a soft amber hue.

Tree, far left: I am waiting for its final leaf to tumble so I can take the ‘after’ shot – each day the view is transforming…

In just a few days...

In just a few days…

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