Panier of Plenty

A pause

‘Bonjour’ to everyone who follows this blog, or stumbles across it; I have enjoyed sharing and comparing experiences. After arriving in this region of France as a summer tourist (four years ago) I am now integrated, and have certainly come a long way after ‘leaping into the unknown’.

While we enjoy peak holiday season and the sparkling waters of the Med, the rhythm of life this month revolves around festivals and communal meals. The focus is on enjoyment of all that is good in life, which means of course, food! The potager is providing plenty, as the cheese-making season comes to a crescendo, yet all is about to change as I once again embrace ‘whatever lies in store’ and leave my mountain perch for the plains of Roussillon below. I could not have imagined I would be the mother of a French fille (nearly one year old), nor a fromagère – the journey has unfolded as I set out with no expectations and accepted whatever wanted to enter as ‘opportunity’. I will be back writing soon, for a new beginning awaits and priorities have shifted…

A bientôt, and may ‘plenty’ fill your lives as you enjoy nature’s bounty. Bon appétit, Vivienne

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2 thoughts on “A pause

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    A bientôt 🙂 xx

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