Panier of Plenty

A slice of Albèrian life

Les Albères, Pyrénées-Orientales, France

Through experience, I am now acquiring a whole new ‘consciousness’ of all the effort that goes in to producing each and every cheese. Far from industrial methods, ‘made by hand’ represents passion, determination and dedication, all fueled by the desire to share – to create something that can be appreciated by others. This spirit is what allows ‘little producers’ to survive, and every mouthful that is savoured is a reminder to think about ‘where our food comes from’. In this case I am now clear: each slice is imbued with lush green pastures; tinkling bells; an abundance of sunshine; round-the-clock care and attention of the herd, warmth and shelter; and the fresh mountain stream and air…

A slice of aged tomme

A slice of aged tomme

The salt crust maturing

The salt crust maturing

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