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Aegean Adventure

Agora church doors

Agora church doors

A week in Greece brought new inspiration and many lasting memories as I entered the portals of the classical world with a 9kg bébé attached. A logistical challenge beyond what I have experienced as an independent voyager, the focus was far from ‘a traveller discovering ancient ruins’, as our journey was instead, ‘one of encounters with gods and goddesses’. The spirit that evokes the welcome we might have received at the temples in another epoch is very much alive in the population today and embraces all who make their pilgrimage to see the wonders that remain. Warmth and hospitality abounded as the residual energy of our exchange…

Acropolis undergoing renovations

Acropolis undergoing renovations


The Erechtheion (420BC) and Caryatids



Athens far below

Athens far below

The ascent

Southern slope, Acropolis

View from old Agora

View from ancient Agora

Old  Agora

Temple of Hephaestus, ancient Agora

Greek goddesses, Acropolis

Greek goddesses, Acropolis

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4 thoughts on “Aegean Adventure

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Love the opening shot looking up into the lintel – such mighty structures!

  2. Hilary on said:

    glad you had a good time Vivienne! Celestine is gorgeous!!

    • Thank you Hilary, Was amazing to see Fi and David, Tony, Susie and Joe… feel so far away at times and it was easy to hop on a plane! Also a challenge, very far from solo adventures and proof that I can somehow cope! Love to you both, Célestine and Viv

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