Panier of Plenty


Tome, batch 0

Tome, batch 0

Tommes from the first batch of the season (the rinds are indented with 0) are now being washed with brine and turned daily in the ‘chambre d’affinage’. Yesterday we produced the second batch (1) and they are now being salted before going onto wooden racks, where they will be lovingly handled each day for a minimum of one month…

Gros, moyen et petit

Gros, moyen et petit (tomettes)

Gros sel, batch 1

Gros sel de Guerand, batch 1

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3 thoughts on “Tommes

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Amazing! What does the salt do?

  2. Look at those beautiful cheeses with that thick rind and crowning of salt. I look forward to the first post when you cut away at the delicious rind to reveal the treasure of it’s delicious centre!

    • Hello Alice, yes, looking forward to the taste test and perfecting the technique, we made batch 4 on friday and this time my tommes were the right size… they shrink so much as they dry. Thank you for your last message (sorry, bit behind!) can’t believe how quickly two years have gone… think of how many delicious dishes you have created! I hope you are enjoying hearty autumn fare and that your little garden gave you some wonderful fresh produce…

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