Panier of Plenty

Painting with words

As blossoms open, temperatures oscillate between 3 and 18 degrees celsius. Generally, days have been very mild and there are welcome bouts of rain – perfect conditions as spring starts to take hold. Yet we are holding our breath, along with the fruit growers of the region, as the ‘earlier than usual’ start spells danger if a sudden cold snap brings more than a sprinkling of snow on the peaks.

I am in Céret, our nearest center, and having left my camera at home, am recalling the magnificent morning light on my journey along the backroads. As heavy grey clouds cling to the peaks of Canigou, golden light pours through their gaps, illuminating the foothills that are smothered in brilliant yellow mimosa. The plane trees lining the route like sentinels glow – the ivy creeping up their bases defined – and peach trees, glimpsed between their immense trunks, suddenly blush as their branches burst into colour.

It is a scene that remains etched, yet can never quite be fully captured, and is better left to the imagination…

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