Panier of Plenty

Last Rays

As mesmerising as sunrise, evening ‘light shows’ are often breathtaking, and equally changeable, as sudden bursts of fire flare wherever clouds have gathered. From the vantage point on the belvédère, the view encompasses all the peaks that surround us, as the ridges are highlighted in sequence before receding into the shadows of dusk.

View towards Mediterranean

View towards Mediterranean

A spectacular light show

A spectacular light show

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2 thoughts on “Last Rays

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Absolutely incredible!! Magnifique!! Sharing the image 🙂

    • Hello Pugland, Thank you! Canigou appears to float as the ‘marin’ brings clouds rolling in from the sea to cover the plains…. love to you all and hope your view is enchanting this evening xxxx

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