Panier of Plenty

Artist’s Sketchbook

When I think of what I value the most (beyond people), and consider inherited jewels and photos, I always come to the same conclusion: my Great Grandfather’s watercolours. I did not know him — only my Great Grandmother was still alive when I was young — nor do I know where he sketched his scenes, but I feel his passion for them, as if all the hours that he dedicated to his craft are recorded with each line or brushstroke, and endure to this day.

A compartment, Grandfather's 'writing' box

A compartment, Grandfather’s ‘writing’ box

It is easy to take photos, but to sit and observe and to capture an ever-changing vista, rendering it silent, is an art; one of concentration and selection, that accompanies the inspiration that ‘became an act’ that I can now witness over a century later.

The creative journey, whatever the result, is about sharing a way of seeing, and in this spirit, I am working on a new page that highlights my own artistic endeavours — not to showcase them but to chronicle the evolution from ‘impulse to impression on paper’.

I encourage anyone who has ever felt the compulsion to draw and not followed it through, to just ‘give in to it’, without being worried about an audience or an outcome, or any interpretation… ‘surrendering to the joy of creation’…

Click here to visit the page ‘Artist’s Sketchbook’ (in the main menu)

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