Panier of Plenty

Cultivating Patience

One of the major differences ‘living a simple life’ in the
South of France is the amount of time spent on food
preparation. Seasonal fare, if it is to be relished, must
be fresh and utilised in its prime. It is not enough to just
take pleasure in picking up chestnuts or finding mushrooms,
a great deal of time is dedicated to their culinary uses and
the menu revolves around ‘daily offerings from nature’.

It is not unusual to spend hours (as I am today) peeling
chestnuts (after boiling them to loosen their shell and skin)
to make a puree (which will accompany duck confit) and then
grinding and drying a ‘powder’ to make a gateau. Anything
harvested has to be quickly converted into a delicious meal
before its essence is lost; this is what money can’t buy
– a combination of local knowledge or experience, access to
the ‘secret places’ and then the dedication and willingness
to sit patiently for hours instead of the convenience of buying
‘off the shelf’.

Nothing can replace the satisfaction of meeting one of life’s
basic needs without the need to ‘work for money in order to
exchange it’. This is direct contact with ‘source’ – all that
nature provides is cherished.

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4 thoughts on “Cultivating Patience

  1. Hello Vivienne, it’s true that the humble chestnut can be so remarkably versatile. I too love to dry those delicious gems, until they crumble (into) their powdery form for cakes and such. I even tried utilising them in an edible soil garden (worked a treat!)

    Thank you for your beautiful descriptions as always!

    • Hi Alice, good to hear from you, have just been catching up on the latest posts your blog – you have been busy! Wondering if your edible soil garden was Heston inspired… haven’t found this post yet, great you are on you tube and the design is always fresh each time I visit!

      • Thank you Vivienne,indeed, the edible garden was Heston inspired. (You’ve got a great eye!)

        Yes, I’m slowly moving my work across to video and recently signed as a network partner with Tastemade. It’s a very exciting time ahead.

        Hope all’s well in beautiful France and I look forward to the next post!

  2. Good luck Alice, fantastic news, who knows where this new adventure will lead you?! Enjoy the journey as it unfolds, and all the delicious food as a result, of course!

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