Panier of Plenty

In The Garden

Image: The rose at the bergerie entrance, from which the cutting
was taken, looking up to the Spanish border.

While the panier is still filled with courgettes, tomatoes,
potatoes, green beans and cornichons, this month we are
busy with another little creation that has come to fruition…

Pour la Sainte Rose, une petite rose Célestine est née.
Elle est douce est sans épines,
Son teint frais et délicat,
Son parfum pur et subtil.
Une merveille (Séverine Bachelier, Tante).

As legend has it in France, little girls are found in roses. After
a period of shooting stars, Célestine Vivienne Morgane Bachelier
was born at 12.58am on Friday 23rd August, as the rose cutting taken
last winter bloomed for the very first time in the vegetable garden
– a brilliant red – and as all days on the French calendar are marked
by the feast day of a saint, her birth day is ‘Sainte Rose de Lima’.

Born: Perpignan Hospital, Pyrénées-Orientales
Weight: 3.21kg
Measure: 48.5cm
Zodiac: Leo (cusp Virgo)
Célestine: ‘From the skies or heavens’. Crystal celestite (French
célestine). A little mouse in ‘Ernest and Célestine’, a series of
illustrated tales and an animated film (Ernest the bear finds and
adopts Célestine the baby mouse).

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7 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. congratulations Vivienne – Fiona showed me pictures, and she is as lovely as her name!! xxx

    • Hi Hilary, Was just speaking to your Aunt Margartet a few weeks ago and talking of your visit to Mespoules. Hope all is well with you, glad Fi showed you the photos. Adjusting to the change and finding a new routine… love Viv, Célestine et Frédéric xxx

      • Were you visiting Mespoules? She has such a lovely spot there and it was great to visit her.

        I imagine this is a massive change for you! Hope the transition is going well and you are well and happy. Love Hilary xx

  2. I stayed at Mespoules after I photographed the book, it is an amazing haven and the garden is incredible. Still finding a routine here, not quite finding time to catch my breath yet but she adds another dimension, and every experience is a new one… there are many magical moments and at the same time a huge shift of focus… the blog is rather behind now, but I know it doesn’t matter! Love Viv xx

  3. nope, it doesn’t matter at all!! Enjoy every minute xxH

  4. Margot on said:

    Congratulations on the arrival of Celestine – what wonderful gifts you have found in France.

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