Panier of Plenty

Heating up…

The mercury has risen above 30º, and it is like we have suddenly
plunged into summer after months of inclement conditions. It is
as if the change was perfectly timed to coincide with ‘the great
migration’ on July 7th, when residents in the North of France
(and Great Britain and Northern Europe…) head south. These hot
clear days, typical of the South of France, live up to their promise
– blue skies, turquoise waters, birdsong and an abundance of
Mediterranean produce await the influx of visitors seeking a
‘touch of colour’, while locals retreat, the shutters closed against
the heat, and the routine changes from following the sun to resting
in the shade.

A technical note: posts are a little slow this month, as our internet
service (which is beamed in by satellite) keeps failing. It makes me
pose questions as I like to be in touch with the world, yet at the
same time ‘go with the flow’, and I wonder if it really matters if I
don’t ‘keep up’ for a few weeks? It feels like ‘disappearing’ as I am
so used to communicating, but isn’t that what summer and holidays are
about… giving ourselves permission to ‘down tools’ and vanish as
another rhythm takes over from the usual routine, which perhaps creates
a reliance on the modern conveniences we embrace each day… the birds
are still singing, the sun is shining, the vegetables continue to grow…
festivals abound. Rather than facing the computer screen, focus is on
enjoying all that is on offer…

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One thought on “Heating up…

  1. Yes, enjoy!! 🙂

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