Panier of Plenty

Sur l’eau

Also on the menu this month is ‘sirop de sureau’, made from harvesting
the fresh delicate flowers from the elder trees that grow ‘on top’ of
the crystal-clear streams that course down the mountain.

This harvest was greater than last May (around 50 flower heads in
reach… while balancing on the stone wall above ‘the source’ in high
espadrilles… trying to avoid stinging nettles) and I experimented,
changing the recipe by cutting back the sugar content to 250g and
adding more water – the result is a greater quantity of syrup, still
sweet enough, with a good consistency. The cordial keeps well for
months in the fridge, although is unlikely to last that long as it
perfumes and enlivens the carafe of spring water that accompanies
our meals…

Sureau (elderflower) harvest

Sureau (elderflower) harvest

Flowers, sugar and lemon macerating

Flowers, sugar and lemon macerating

Decanted into liqueur bottle


Looking back, I can see that even the elderflowers are later this year –
click to view last year’s post with the recipe…

Post: Elderflower Cordial. 26th May 2012

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4 thoughts on “Sur l’eau

  1. Pretty pretty! And I’ve just made lemon/lime cordial ! 🙂

  2. sirop de sureau sounds much better than elderflower syrup! Still waiting for ours to flower.

    • I imagine you have had plenty of water this year to aid the elder trees, I hope you have a very fine harvest when they do bloom… I am enchanted by the fact they are known as ‘the flowers of fairyland’, seems fitting as they are so delicate…

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