Panier of Plenty

Le temps des cerises

Or rather, ‘la tempête des cerises, for gale force winds with
astoundingly strong ‘rafales’ (the weather report states a mere
95km) are ruffling the feathers of those enjoying the celebrations
in Céret (which is often remarkably sheltered, compared with
other nearby villages) – as hats fly (picture Panamas spinning
past) and stallholders try strategies to cope with the conditions…

This year the renowned ‘Burlat’ cherry of Céret can be found in
abundance, and by appearance alone look delicious… although
‘ready on cue’ (they were finished before the traditional festival
last year due to hot spring temperatures) they lack the natural
sugars produced by the sunshine. While locals are still wrapped in
coats and scarves (albeit lighter ones), English tourists (no offence
intended) can be spotted in summer attire, entering into the spirit
of the festivities.

Rather than face the elements, my own tribute to this time has
come from a hot oven – dark chocolate and cherry tart – as the wind
shrieks relentlessly in every direction sending branches flying and
creating obstacles on the driveway. Turning circumstances to my
advantage, they have already been gathered for the fire…

This quantity of cherries (minus the few that have been eaten!) is
4 euros, a little less than last year’s price – a large ‘barquette’.

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4 thoughts on “Le temps des cerises

  1. Hi Vivienne, what a beautiful image to behold. It’s actually quite grey here and (bucketing) down with rain, very much against the elements as you describe. I love the ruby colours against those beautiful clover blooms and I can imagine when (the weather turns more picturesque) you’ll be enjoying a bowl of cherriesnot dissimilar to these, amongst the green green, grasses.

    • Hi Alice, I hope the rain has stopped and the famous Sydney blue skies have returned, we had a lovely day… all day… so it looks like it may well continue (they just had hail in the mountains!)… yes, very green and much more lush than normal, the clover is flourishing and there are bees everywhere (have to watch where you step)… hope you are eating wonderful autumn fare and enjoying expanding your culinary repertoire

  2. Agree, lovely image! And good idea to snuggle indoors! Sounds like the wintery tempest we are having here today! But then again, we are in winter! 😉

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