Panier of Plenty


A broad subject to enter into, with many facets, for the ‘life of
an artist’ continuously harnesses creativity in whatever form it
chooses to take, allowing ‘expression’.

After a career as an ‘advertising creative’ resulting in strategic
and innovative ‘campaigns’, my creative pursuits are now grounded
in the everyday, as I respond to my environment and adapt to life
in my new home. A country which has encouraged many artists
– writers or painters, chefs or musicians – to evolve their ideas,
whether avant garde or classical, in answer to the stimulus they
found… turning from the traditional to start a new wave or perfecting
their craft under the supportive influences of those who mentored
their development.

With so much to draw on, as layer upon layer emerges, the past
ever-present and built upon; just as sacred sites have always been
claimed by the reigning power of the day, this evolution continues
to shape the landscape, challenging previously held perceptions of
beauty and aesthetics, giving rise to new structures that although
‘controversial at the time’ become ‘widely appreciated’ as icons
reflecting an age.

In the ‘man-made’ world there is a striving towards constructed
elements – whether a canal system or tower, architectural marvel
or engine – technology and mathematics underpin ‘invention’. Yet
in the natural world there are no such heights to obtain, only
interconnections that seek to ‘retain’ – to maintain harmony and
balance in every sense, to provide the optimum conditions for
continuation – thus procreation is key, survival of everything
necessary to ‘sustain’: to provide; to increase; to gain.

Thriving no matter what occurs is nature’s only goal, far from
‘conquest’, at its heart this force knows only ‘nurturing’ when
it endeavours to adapt to changing conditions imposed by man,
as we alter environments and formulate new plans – for it is nature
that must find a new place, not the other way around. Perhaps a tree
planted in a box, or a well-maintained garden that is easily controlled…
a hedge row… a little patch of green… a splash of colour to make any
new environment ‘natural’, with a water feature or trellis to gain privacy.

A low-maintenance world that offers a view, no lawn to mow and roof
gardens too… containing, dictating, adding new rules… “Here you are
welcome, but this is all.” Just as we have become used to having our
wings clipped, to operating within a construct that gives little room
for movement, roots bound and new growth cut back, city living requires
‘respect of limits’ – square metres are precious – yet here in nature’s
domain, seemingly isolated (or lost, many exclaim) there are no such
restraints, only endless spaces, as the wind sweeps the ridges and
rivers mark out their own territory. Seeds propagate, each year
landing further extending their claim, unaware they must purchase
terrain, or learn constraint.

Branches are trimmed by the wind; trees are free to wriggle their
toes and decide which way they prefer to grow – and the remains of
‘what man once created’ are soon devoured, crumbling in the wake
of such freedom of expression that arises naturally, without ‘intention’
in response to constant change in climatic conditions. Purifying the
air, supplying water, ensuring light for all its ‘sons and daughters’
– the elements merge to create, the earth housing ‘all we need to eat’,
as the incubator for our food. We can never be ‘removed’ from this
equation, however our lives are divided by partitions; nature reminds
us, lest we forget, that we don’t need to accept less than what there
is to be shared – to be utilised and revered – there is always a choice.

At any moment we can refuse ‘packaging’, and convenience brands, and
choose to stretch our wings again – breaking the mould, springing from
the box, leaping into the beyond and cutting our own path through the
wilderness… that on the surface may offer little comfort, yet cannot
be separated from ‘who we are’: one and the same, originating as ‘life’,
one of nature’s wondrous creations.



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