Panier of Plenty

Heaven in a wild flower

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour…

William Blake. Excerpt from Auguries of Innocence

May is the ‘month of wildflowers’ as the roadside comes alive with
colour – leaving the Autoroute at Perpignan, the view from the
window of the bus is a blur of cornflowers and poppies, mingled
with yellow and white faces peeping out from the long grass lining
the kilometres that stretch to the train station… ‘El Centre del Mon’
as proclaimed by Salvador Dali… where roundabouts become scented
meadows, and the palm trees are carpeted underfoot with fluorescent
seaside creepers.

Tiny rock roses

Tiny rock roses

Our mountain road is now bordered by cistes or ‘rock roses’, clinging
to its steep banks, as the sureau flowers (elder) start to open by the
gently bubbling spring and the chestnut trees are suddenly clothed
after the rains. Last year I photographed many of the varieties of
flowers that appeared throughout the month, this year I am looking them
up and translating their names. Coming from the southern hemisphere
I am unfamiliar with many European varieties, so it is like starting again
as an infant, eyes wide open with wonder as I discover what may be
‘common’ to others but to me are new delights to add to my repertoire…

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2 thoughts on “Heaven in a wild flower

  1. All time favourite poem! So special, particularly the opening paragraph! Beautiful pure golden flower! 🙂

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