Panier of Plenty

A perfect spring day

How can I begin to describe perfect? Tender green, vibrant shoots
of grass waving in a gentle breeze, hardly more than a whisper…
birds flitting overhead, so near you can almost count their wing
feathers… tulips that have burst open, just today, their overlapping
petals transparent as sun pours down on the stone terrace…

…Emergence, for everywhere there is new growth as shoots, tendrils,
and blooms reach for the light, slowly unfurling. Cow bells tinkle
in the valley and the river underpins them, still swift as it courses
below. There is not a cloud in this blue expanse stretching above the
mountain tops, which are now punctuated here and there with white
blossoms, and flashes of brilliant lime, breaking the otherwise deep
green of the forest.

A walk before breakfast

A walk before breakfast

Even though there is a profusion of weeds, slowly the garden beds
are being liberated, as the strawberries send out runners and start
to flower. Irises present their crowns and the roses are smothered
in foliage.

Yet most of all, layers are shed and freedom comes with the change
of wardrobe that reflects the ease and lightness of such days. The only
thing I can find ‘out of place’ amongst such perfection is the dirt
under my nails…

Leaves unfurl

Leaves unfurl

…28ºC today, astounding, considering it was 4 degrees just over a week ago.

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5 thoughts on “A perfect spring day

  1. The most perfect day, perfectly described! Love the vivid green iridescence of the opening image 🙂 Enjoy the warm sun!

    • Dear Pugland, have been enjoying the warmth so much that I am actually content to have a day inside as it turns cools again… the garden is enjoying some respite also, and I hope it will rain a little so I don’t need to water the new plantations! I imagine the autumn colours must be beautiful in the Highlands… love to you all xxxx

  2. Hi Vivienne, a beautiful start to spring no less. It’s slowly progressing to soup & baking weather now in Sydney. Dark evenings and rainy autumn days of course! I look forward to reading of your foraging expeditions on those wonderful walks you take and hope all is well and (wonderful) in the south of France!

  3. tropicalmum on said:

    Your words paint a vivid picture, Viv. Sounds lovely, wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. I will write more in an email soon.


    M x

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