Panier of Plenty

A wild omelette

The tender young shoots of wild asparagus (asperges sauvages),
harvested from the other “Mas Reste’ (now a luxury auberge)
which lies on the outskirts of the seaside resort of Argelès-sur-Mer…
a forgotten part of the history of the family whose name is
forever linked to les Albères.

As the glorious Mediterranean days return, heavy woollen knits can
now be put into storage (with lavender), for rather than gradually
easing into spring it is ‘all of a sudden’ that flesh is bared, as
the attire requires a tan to accompany the little summer robes that
are pressed and ready in an instant, as the sun beats ceaselesly
and good cheer is restored.

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3 thoughts on “A wild omelette

  1. Quelles luxe! 🙂

  2. Warm sunshine & wild asparagus. If ever there was doubt that spring is on it’s way to you, I think those fears are definitely put aside. No doubt you have a delicious cheese and free range eggs from from the farm too? 😉

    • Bonjour Alice, So strange to be ‘opposite’, as you retreat I am venturing outdoors… I hope you have a lovely autumn menu planned, with many new culinary experiements. The chooks at the local farm are laying large eggs now, and the goats are producing milk, so our neighbour will have chevre for sale and the first fresh, semi-dried or ‘sec’ rounds are at the market. We are nearing the end of ‘Top Chef’ here which is like Master Chef, except the contestants are already working chefs, up to one star, or owners of their own restaurants, and the standard is incredibly high – French Gastronomy at its best – it’s hard not to take on the stress of their challenges just by watching, yet I am learning a great deal about contemporary French ‘Michelin starred’ cuisine (not to be replicated at home!)… bon appétit!

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