Panier of Plenty

Back from market

While venturing out in 4ºC may not immmediately conjure images of
‘Mediterranean’, local producers are in step with what is ‘expected’
in this season. The hothouses of the region provide the shelter
necessary to nurture the first Gariguette strawberries and cucumbers
to accompany the expanding range of choices, as spring progresses in
spite of plummeting temperatures!

Panier, 6th April, Céret market

Panier, 6th April, Céret market

Mache, perfect for salads

Mache, perfect for salads

Perpignan, Provence and Corsica retain the highest figures on the
weather map, as much of Central and Northern France hovers around
-1 to 2ºC overnight.

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4 thoughts on “Back from market

  1. brrrr! Still so chilly – you need a nice pot roast to keep warm! Lovely fresh produce 🙂

    • Hello Mesara, Do you know, I have never cooked a pot roast!… it warmed up a bit today, enough to get a slight tan… so nice to feel the warmth of the sun again as it continues to rain in so many regions. I hope you are all staying cosy with autumn’s approach… 🙂

  2. Tu es en retard avec le blog….. 😉

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