Panier of Plenty

The march of time

As April commences there is a sudden surge, or flurry of activity.
Daylight hours have lengthened as we turn the clocks forward
(it’s now dark around 8.30pm) and all efforts are focused on preparing
the garden. Wildflowers line the mountain road and the merisiers (wild
cherry trees or ‘cerisier des oiseaux’) are in full blossom, smothered
in white flowers.

March was ‘exceptional’ – now on record for its low sunshine hours and
high number of frosts. Easter brought heavy rain and light snow in the
Pyrénées, putting a damper on some festivities, yet as the earth soaks
up the rainfall that replenishes the region’s reservoirs, we have an
abundant green world to enjoy, and the first vegetables to plant as the
sun gains force once again.

The bell strikes Easter

This year’s Easter egg was a bell, symbolic of the ‘flying cloche’
that delivers chocolate eggs, chickens and bunnies to children
(of all ages) on Sunday, as it takes flight from Rome to travel
across continental Europe, fulfilling wishes and satisfying the
appetite for chocolate that only seems to mature as the years pass…

Click here to view the visual diary for March 2013

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2 thoughts on “The march of time

  1. Miam miam! Thank you for the flying cloche information – Blessings to you for the warming spring as we turn our clocks back for the approaching chill xx 🙂

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