Panier of Plenty

Vide Grenier Season

It’s time to ‘clean out the attic’ as some locals part with their
possessions and others find treasures. The joy of course, is in
discovery, browsing with ‘no expectation at all’ and ending up
drawn to fascinating objects that call out, longing to be admired
once more… thus changing hands and becoming part of a new
decor as spring heralds change and the cobwebs are swept away.

Rollers for fabric motifs

Rollers for fabric motifs

Wood with  rubber

Wood with rubber

These little pieces were fitted to hand-rollers made of wire or metal,
inked, and then rolled to mark their impression on fabric (which was
then possibly embroidered?)

Tiny knob surrounds

Tiny knob surrounds

I am collecting embellishments for my new studio in the garden
– these will soon be given a new lease of life…

Glass and gilt

Glass and gilt

As I left behind many of the gilt glasses I had lovingly gathered at markets
in Australia, I am now happy to be able to replace the sets, slowly adding
‘little finds’from the same era.

The ‘Month by Month’ visual diary for February is now complete,
following the seasonal changes… click here to view page

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One thought on “Vide Grenier Season

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    How lovely to go finding and fossicking! Sure there are lots of treasures to be found there! But it takes a keen Bowerbird’s eye and sensitivity to find just the right thing and give it a new life! xx 🙂 Fantastic you are creating your own studio!

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