Panier of Plenty

Welcome Skies

Pyrénées Orientales

After snow, heavy mist and sleet, Saturday dawns bright and clear.
The surrounding mountain tops are now white, as is the range that
stretches from Canigou to the horizon.

Surrounding peaks dusted

Surrounding peaks dusted

Canigou, belvédère view

Canigou, belvédère view

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Skies

  1. Bonjour Vivienne, Spring certainly looks to be on it’s way and with it (a plethora) and bounty that Mother Nature will offer soon. As I write this, Sydney weather has dropped from 42 degree days, to 22 and drizzles of rain in autumn. Alas how nature changes and reminds us of her overall wisdom in ruling the world!

    • Indeed! Thank you Alice, Nature is certainly bringing so many surprises, I think we’re now getting used to a ‘new normal’ i.e. unpredictable! I hope you have been enjoying the harvest from your potted vegetables and that the galette des mûres was delicious.

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