Panier of Plenty

Jacques Frost

Jack’s French cousin’s icy fingers have been at work in the night,
touching everything in sight. ‘Une forte gelée’ is the result
as a layer crunches underfoot and icicles melt, as the first rays
of the sun transform this magical world.

Garden  transformed

Garden transformed

Crunchy grass

Crunchy underfoot

Blossoms thawing

Blossoms thawing

Yesterday we were discussing whether to plant potatoes, or to wait
longer, for the winter has been mild when compared with last year
and we’ve escaped frosts and ice – who could have guessed one was
so near!

Yet as with all that nature brings, it quickly vanishes – a fleeting
delicate thing – the tiny crystals lived but for an instant in this
landscape that shimmers and glistens.

The strawberry patch

The strawberry patch

The stone wall

The stone wall

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6 thoughts on “Jacques Frost

  1. Crunchy underfoot and frosty berry patches, the height of winter and beautiful snowy days. So lovely as always Vivienne and I’m certain that when the garden recovers from these frosty days, it will be in magnificent bloom! (With tasty offerings no less!)

    • Dear Alice, I have been waiting to reply as I couldn’t access your site, it’s working again! I hope you enjoyed the blackberry galette, looks very delicious! We have nearly finished all the reserves of blackberry jam, I have been smothering my morning baguette with it all winter. I used to live in Bowral so it is wonderful to see you enjoyed a trip to the Highlands!! Exeter General Store was a good spot for coffee (the ambience) if you go back, and if you are heading from the Highlands to the coast and don’t know the Berry Woodfired Bakery it’s worth a visit, you can pass through Kangaroo Valley. Thank you for your message, yes, looking forward to the garden blooming… busy planning the beds for this year. Bon appétit, Vivienne

  2. C’est beau !! ^_^

  3. Magic winter wonderland! Love the thawing blossoms and frost-covered strawberries – a new take on chocolate dipped . . . 😉

    • Just like chez vous, constant surprises as ‘the weather’ fluctates wildly! I beleive Sydney has just been hit by a large storm? The light is magical on days like this, the entire length of the garden wall was glistening with melting ice and the car was transformed to a living sculpture. You have me distracted thinking about chocolate dipped strawberries though, the first have now appeared in the market…:) warm wishes to you all.

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