Panier of Plenty

What a difference a day makes

The ebb and flow of life is constant change – nothing remains still.
At any time our course can be altered in a twinkling, as any
pre-held conceptions of where we might be headed are overturned.
We can never know what lies before us in the great unknown that
waits to be discovered, and neither can we avoid embracing what
comes with open arms, for all that is drawn into our sphere is
merely part of our journey that can of course be accepted, or
pushed aside, depending on our motivations or desires.

Carried by the wind

Carried by the winds of change

Events that are seemingly out of our hands also ‘play into them’,
for this is what ‘lands’, as all cards in the air must come down
and we read them at face value, or upside down, or see only the
reverse at the time – such is fate we may call it, or destiny,
or Lady Luck, or ‘fortune’ some agree. A force that is clearly
‘beyond our control’ that dictates the hand that we will then
have to show. Whether filled with trumps or nothing we can count
on at all, we can bluff our way through situations, or choose to
allow the cards to speak for themselves; ‘winner takes all’ in
our society, there’s no room for second when it comes to sure bets.

Fortune, alchemy

Fortune, alchemy

A gamblers hand may be filled with risk, yet belief alone can give
an edge, as trust and confidence leaves those meeker ‘for dead’.
We admire risk takers yet often admit ‘we may not have the stomach
for it’ – for many who gain do so against all odds, ‘not for the
fainthearted’ we can be seen to nod. Assured is more comfortable,
like a regular income, certainty – the known – our most faithful
chum. Walking the path we already know there might be few
surprises, but we can be sure where it leads, thus evening out
the odds that the unexpected might happen. Closing the door on
opportunity, accepting what’s there because we can name it,
whereas unknown is the wild card drawn – we need to tame it.

Tarot, fortune

Fortune’s wheel

It takes courage to step off the track or to cut our way
through undergrowth, or to change to a different tack… to swim
against the tide, we say, as popular opinion holds the current
to the ‘accepted’ way, and anything else ‘outside this norm’
is considered folly. Thus sage advice is based on belief,
yet belief has formed in channels that funnel consensus, and do
not cater for ‘extraordinary’ on the menu, as controls are in
place to minimise highs and lows; to put a damper on happiness
and regulate risk’s flow…

…This has always been the case, yet if we look to the météo,
fluctuations no longer behave and Earth’s conditions refuse to
be ‘averaged’ – as extremes are felt in every part of our earth,
as if life is expressing itself at a more ‘volatile level’ as the
range expands to incorporate storms and tempests, flooding and
drought, heat waves and cold spells that flare in a moment.
One day we can be basking, the next enshrouded; everything that
is occurring we can say is ‘unprecedented’. Thus turmoil or chaos
are the terms used to describe ‘what doesn’t conform’ as we leave
a familiar cycle and find a new stride… altering our pace,
adjusting to new conditions, as we give in to change and soon
expect the new normal, that becomes familiar.

Habits form with the passage of time, for ideas, once accepted,
fall into line. From one day to the next we can measure fluctuations,
and as we accept this ‘influence’ it plays out in many ways,
penetrating all lives that are ticking along comfortably, and
taking centre stage. Shaking things up a bit, adding the spice we
might not have missed; ‘introducing a greater range of our own
expression’ is one way of putting it. A new dimension – or greater
level with which to engage – as we are called on to alter, and ride
the waves that come from nowhere, but will sweep us away. There is
nothing to hold on to, for there exists no ‘sure’ – one minute we
can be on our feet, the next on the floor. How many deaths have
we witnessed of late, as dear ones depart the planet each day?

Whether for accidents or incidents, we try to prepare for the
worst, yet what we’ve forgotten to include is the opposite end
of the spectrum. The highs, the exceptions, the surprising events,
the rainbow that is there to light up our lives and help us jump
the fence. The ups, les atouts (trumps), the winning hand, for
‘accustomed to bowing our heads against the rain’, we’ve forgotten
that sunshine will melt any downpour away.

Expecting rain or rainbows?

Expecting rain or rainbows?

Saving for a rainy day, our concentration has gone astray, for
lifting our eyes to the skies we can blow the clouds away, and
invite more that we’ve ever imagined to enter in the place of
‘conditioned’ – opening our eyes and minds to welcome the new,
for all too soon we will become used to it. Rather than hiding
from risk or extremes, we have a chance to take them ‘head on’
and realise our dreams, as conditions rally around, and nothing
is as it ‘has always been’ for the difference is profound.

If it’s proof we need we can find examples and put this theory
to the test – laughing in the face of adversity and having faith
in only the best. Evoking the forces of goodness, instead of
preparing for storms, carried by our enthusiasm vs. dampening
our own spirits. Rising through the power of our belief alone,
that life is good, that all is well, that all is in our favour.
Setting aside, once and for all, any doubts that question the
sanity of this course, for the ‘proof is in the pudding’ if we
choose to eat dessert, instead of watching our waistline.
Enjoying all that is put before us with all the delight we
can muster, living fully on the razors edge, where we find
our balance. What an achievement! No longer bound by convention
but nimbly becoming adept, with focused intention.



Living each day as if it were our last, or first, as we rediscover
what life is really about. Answering to our conscience and following
what feels right, listening to the heartbeat that governs all that
‘feels lighter’. Letting go of any weight, or load that may have
mounted and taken its toll, and trusting instead in the ‘turn around’
as our fortunes are reversed, and most miraculously, luck holds out.

'The peacock's tail'  in alchemy

The ‘Peacock’s Tail’

Main image: The Lady Iris, Juno’s messenger, as a transformation
takes place, producing the rainbow colouring which is called the
‘Peacock’s Tail’. Alchemical manuscript. Anon, 15th Century. Vatican

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2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    Indeed Yes!!! Wonderful words of strength, power, wisdom and encouragement! Will keep them close at hand to remind to look on the other side!! To let the opportunities have a chance and welcome in the change! (esp. when considering another pug . . . again! 😉 xxx

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