Panier of Plenty


Thank you to everyone who has visted this site, and shared the
journey with me so far. I embarked on this new adventure last
January, having never created a blog – stepping into the unknown
and learning to use all the tools that WordPress offers.

With no objective in mind, just the desire to share the experiences
that have come with this new life, I have been surprised by the
annual report statistics that reveal 9,700 views from 77 different
countries. So ‘merci à tous’ for your visits, and interest, and I
wish you all a wonderful 2013 filled with ‘magic’ as you all embrace
the new year and follow your dreams towards their fruition.

Thank you also to WordPress for providing this space, service and
opportunity. By hosting a site that allows so many people to connect
and express themselves and their creativity, your team ultimately
bring us all closer, no matter where we are in the world, allowing
us to share ‘what we love’ with others – to spread our wings and
venture beyond our sphere with this ‘exchange of ideas’. Vivienne

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4 thoughts on “Merci

  1. mesarapugs on said:

    That’s wonderful and fantastic so many people viewing!! I can’t believe somehow this site has just shown up all your replies to our comments!! We haven’t seen one comment until just now!! I always thought you were just busy and onto other things to reply . . . So Merci beaucoup a toi!! For all your wonderful correspondence and quips! And for providing such a rewarding visual and informative feast into your French life every day! They mean a lot! So nice to be connected. Warmest to you for bounding into 2013 with Panier of Plenty and all your adventures xxxx ❤ Bisous 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I am glad the replies found their way to you! You are my most regular visitors, by the way, pugsinspace and the little smiley face that takes me right back to all the happy moments shared chez vous… merci for the warm wishes and I hope it cools down a bit soon, has plummetted here… love Tante Viv xxx

  2. Hi Vivienne, its an absolute pleasure to stop by and revel in the joys of country life in France. Your life of simplicity, seasons and sanctuary are so joyful to behold and I look forward to hearing of many more wonderful tales in the future. 🙂

    • Dear Alice, Thank you for your wonderfully expressed words and support. I hope you are enjoying being back in your kitchen… not much to report here on the food front, your images are great, the way you convey all the stages of preperation… I cooked curry with coconut cream this week and am going to an Asian supplier on Monday… there are many things that are trickier to find here so I will spice up the winter menu a bit… otherwise fish pie, which was unheard of in the form I make with a mash topping has been much appreciated! Bon apétit and enjoy the wamth of a beautiful summer… (:

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